Sharp-dressed raccoon promises fun and money

Ima show you how to overturn garbage cans for fun and profit but first Ima put these little skritchy marks on public property.

Gibbous Gold Chase

Coptic Explorer looking for polar fleidermice

Six years of fruitless trudging across barren moonscapes had done nothing to diminish Anselm’s spirits.
While the search for gold had been fruitless he had proudly sent back to the queen the three polar fleidermice he discovered on Getemide 7.
Too, there was the discovery of a lunar bakery with great brioche on Mulberrix Minor.

Muddled Butterfly

Beautifully ornate but befuddled nonetheless butterfly

Where's that pollen sandwich? There's no way I finished that ... did I?

Caramelian Warfare

Carmelian warfare use craft that attack in dollops, rather than waves.

Attacking in relentless dollops.

Doppel Sanders, Event Promoter Extraordinaire

Doppel Sanders recognizes all great ideas, so long as they're his ideas.

It’s a great idea, so long as it’s his idea.

The Sheep Bearer

The Sheep Gift bearer arrives at the gathering with much fanfare.

Well sure, yes, it’s certainly a generous gift.
But it’s all he ever brings!
And to a baby shower?

Not the World’s Best Babysitter

Hooded babysitter finger-paints wantonly on walls and charges

But she shows up on time, usually.

The Meatster Bunny

Wheat, chickpeas, sand, spelt … I got no problem with those guys. They’re all good.

Peeking into the Drawing Room

Seymour the Ghost sees something he wish he hadn't

Seymour finally sees something he can’t unsee.

Ghost Judo

Spectral Martial Artists

The tactic of using the opponent’s weight against them is problematic.


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