Pizza Hexe

Pizza hexe tosses a pie pulled from her own body.

As boys in a small German village, my brothers and I would sneak out at night, drawn to the light from the kitchen window in the back of Zeppi’s pizzeria. We would watch in a silent mix of hunger and horror as the pizza hexe tossed pies pulled from her own body.

Super Different Fashion Sense

Superheroes: Same goals, very different fashion senses

Spiro loved his black latex suit.
Not because it showed off his muscles.
Not because it hid him reasonably well at night.
He liked it because Megalo-Don found it absolutely repellant.
Said it made him look like a giant eggplant.

Jim Dine gets a Pass

A dark drawing with the message Jim Dine gets a pass.

A young man sitting next to me on the C train saw me scribbling this and asked me why. Turns out his mom knew Dine and dealt with his work.

Best two out of three? Not an option.

An unthinking astronaut is sucked into the void after missing the dartboard.

In space, there’s no such thing as ‘a little game of darts.’

New Heroes

Desparate times call for desparate heroes.

Disgruntled angels accosting the citizenry,
a murder of crows led by a charismatic but unstable leader
and a rapidly diminishing cat population;
a city with new problems needs new superheroes.

Lechugan Valkerie

A shimmering image of fire and fear, seen through half-open eyes.

Immolator of the lightly dozing.

Hiiii there!

A big grin reveals an alarming set of teeth.

Am I early?

Tried Smiting, Locusts, Peanut Butter, You Name It.

Trying to catch mice in heaven is just as big of a pain in the ass as it is on earth.

Rakunia Shuttlecraft

Front view of a shuttlecraft that resembles a racoon

Twenty-four cubic hectares of storage means never having to leave stolen garbage behind again.

Olly Olly Income Free!

Perry's trying to fool lunch into coming to him.

Perry’s enticements to the local fiddle crabs, while known for their susceptibility to get-rich-quick schemes, failed to deliver lunch.


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