Trinity sighting near Radda

A spiritual sighting in the Chianti Classico region

The Sangiovese harvest will be a good one.

Lowell de Altoona Tienes una Pregunta

Lowell from Altoona

¿Cómo puedo controlar la estática?

Be the first of your friends to answer and receive a framed and signed doodle!

Kalvin Ritter vs. Calcified Future Limb

Linus considers his next move against the calcified future limb.

Vegas says it’s a push, but I know who I’m putting my money on.

I am Organicus. I come in peas.

Organicus comes in peas.

Consume your broccoli stalks or face annihilation.

Admiral Koureg

Koureg takes the stage

Is it just me or do his theaters always seem more puppety than martial?

Scene II, Act 3 - Linus reflects on the Glitter Pit tragedy

Linus is a big fan of Moondog

Still from the 1973 Glam-Rock Opera “Linus”

Playground Monitor

Playground Monitor in action

Vigilant but slow. A minimum of six are required on the perimeter.

Herculean Gingerbread

Gingerbread Man says 'Come at me bro!'

He will not go gentle into that good bite.

Lucas the Four-Eyed Lycanthrope

Lucas the four-eyed lycanthrope is patient by werewolf standards

He tolerated the chickens’ taunts as long as he could.

The Messiah Six Complex

Theater owner with a messiah complex

The theater is close and relatively cheap, but the owner insists on rotating the same “classics.”
How many times can you watch “Godspell”, “Clash of the Titans” or “Helter Skelter”, really?


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