Beauty and the V8

Chick flees Hemi

Hemi was an all-state quarterback and he was crazy about Chick, the coach’s daughter and cute as a peep. Naturally everyone in school thought they were destined to be together.
Everyone but Chick.

Deputized Saguaro

Deputized Saguaros are comin' fer ya

The shadows just got a little longer for Prickly Pete.

Piok-e Skull Flutes

Piok-e Skull flutes remember life events

Not suitable for whistling happy tunes


Sir Ocelot

Talented but sociopathic oracle

“Ima show you the meaning of time, but first Ima make these little scritches in the hotel lobby.”

Petaluma in Repose

Petaluma in repose.

To disturb her is to be restricted to Levels 7 - 21 for a very long time.

Falling Star

Twinkle, twinkle aaiiieeeeeeeeee!

Wasn’t she on Square Pegs?

The In-Laws are Coming! The In-Laws are Coming!

Get up, get up! An In-law invasion is imminent!

Prep the scrub brushes!

Fire up the Yankee Candles!


You are getting sleepy ... very, very sleepy

The last thing Steff remembers is tugging at an odd-looking and particularly stubborn root veg.

Dead Earth Sower

Cultivating a dead earth

The farmer knew the importance of rotating between crops of salt and pencil shavings.
A winter cover crop of mercury helped to ensure the land stayed barren.

Flatbush Golem

The Golem of Flatbush

Composed of drifts of real and synthetic hair and dumped cooking oil, brought to life by the chance chiming of homeless and mentally ill oracles.


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