An Organ Too Far

The catamaspleen was not the hoped-for success.

Breakthroughs in biotechnology allowed for the generation of any organ type and limitless permutations thereof.
The introduction of the catamaspleen, however, quickly lead to legislation reining in the surprising creativity of the biotech community.

Samuraic Bunny

Stainless steel helmet for Samuraic Bunny

Easter is coming.
Prepare to be reborn.

Way, Way Back of the Throat Party Host

Throw your arms in the air and cough like you just don't care!

They say it’s not a party until something gets raw and constricted.

The Winged Molluscs of Tchoupitoulas Parish

They must be harvested while sleeping lest they turn you to stone.

They’re the last known speakers of a Yiddish-Creole patois.
They’re capable of summoning gator golems from the bayou.
They are also excellent with garlic and a dash of Worchester and Tabasco.

Org Chart

Misbegotten org chart

We’re all coming together,
folding back in on each other
again and again
forming a high-tensile omelette
that no one
wants to eat.

But Hey, Back on the Right Side of the Dirt!

I'm myself, just a happy cadaverous kind of me

Ever been stuck head first into a deep, narrow hole, covered with dirt and brought back to life days later by a Vodou priest to be his personal enemy eater?

Yeah, one of those kind of weeks.

Feline Quickness wins the 2014 League Championship

Jake and Darrell getting it done

After an extraordinary amount of prayer, St. Clyde guides Jake and Darryl to the promised land.

OMG, Sheer Geniustry!

The best idea evarrrr ...

I’m a genius!
I’ll be a rich genius!!
Just gotta write this down before I forge ...

Pulpo the Maker

Pulpo the handy mechanic!

Pulpo loves to make things.
He’s made bridges, race cars, a giant toaster and even a spaceship once.
But his favorite thing to build is trains.

If I had a severed hand for every false god I’ve sacrificed to….

Blue Manalishi handles things nicely

…I could open a second-hand shop.


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