Mid-Century Modern Love

Those Eames brothers are hot!

Oooh, those molded plywood curves!

You Never Forget Your First One

Tom Bray, a great editor and better person

Tom Bray was my first editor out of school. He had a wild streak that allowed us to come up with some strange and spirited storytelling at the Desert Sun.

When Life was Grand in Mumu Land

Mumu hunting was a well-attended summer social event

Mumus once covered the hillsides like livid living cotton carpets.
Then the Boohji’s arrived, with their smallish capes and fondness for flocked floral wall paper.

The last thing I want to see as the lights go out

Sketchy Fourth Wise Man Shows up Late

Sketchy Fourth Wiseman and his Wamel

“Yeah, I think we were following the wrong star for a while. Then my … how do you call … wamel ... ran out of gas …”

Trickle-down EconomicsBot

Trickle-down Economics Bot is not a Fantaxy

Oh he’ll reach you.

Just be patient.

Flipper’s Canoe Service

Flipper is enterprising

C’mon, it’s super easy!

Lunar Honeydew, part 3

Mecha-wife is more irritated than worried

Where in the hell is Alec? I sent him for a loaf of space bread ages ago.

Shockhead Peter

Shockhead Peter in the soft afternoon light

In the olden times, failure to groom oneself led to unpopularity.

Lucky Peter! Today, the blow-out is dope!

Unlucky Peter; frilly lace collars, not so much.

Awkward Symbiosis

Calamites and No-see-ums

The Calamites communicate via No-see-ums, a symbiotic singularity to be certain.

It's fascinating to watch the Calamites attempt to flee their principal means of communication while their very words seem to mock them.

And what do the no-see-ums get? The pleasure of watching the Calamites "cry out", generating more no-see-um activity.


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