Domestic Hiss

Couple argues over inability to leave party in timely manner.

If you want to leave the party by midnight, then maybe you should be think twice about starting a conversation with Weston about dahlias at 11:45.


Mecha-birds examine their offspring.

“Oh look honey, she has your heat shielding!”

Aztec Astronaut Reentry

Tolotanaka, far ahead of his time, but not far enough.

Tolotanaka the Explorer has no heat shielding.

Frog + Metastag = TLA

Happy frog stares lovingly, longingly at metastag

“There’s no way! it’ll never work!”

If Arthur had a fly for every time he heard this he’d never need to buy lunch again.

But here they were, happy as clams, nearly 20 years into it.

It just goes to show you kids, follow your heart, be persistent and good things can happen.

Early Hopi Babysitter

Early Hopi babysitter

Initially invoked as a temple sentry, her regal bearing quickly elevated her to principal matron to the queen’s children.

Winner Take All

Men fight while plummeting to earth

For all its promise, they never thought it all the way through.

The Magicians Vanish

Lambert, deserted by the other magicians, is left holding the bunny.

Lambert is left holding the bunny.

Portrait of Vauxhall

Another portrait of Vauxhall

Christian Vauxhall and his wrestling prowess have been immortalized in countless songs and plays.
This painting, commissioned by Leopold I, hangs in the main foyer of Antwerp’s Royal Naval Gymnasium.


Rise Spazikuro, Rise!

Spazikuro is coming!!

The mighty beast rises from the Pacific, eager to wreak havoc.

Too eager in fact.

New Me, Better Ears

I'm listening as well as I can

“Yes, yes I hear you.”

“Please know that I hear you better than anyone.


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