Oblong Posse

Oblong posse

C’mon boys, let’s catch us a paramecium!

Family Gathering

Me and Andrew and Paul and Joe and Liz and Mom and Dad and other family members

There’s nothing easy about getting this pack together.
What with making sure there aren’t six kinds of potato salad on the table, coordinating everyone’s transportation with the tiny car and keeping everyone’s blade under eight inches, I honestly have to ask myself, ‘Is it worth it?’

At the end of that weekend each summer though, after the last paper plate’s tossed, the last red nose reattached, and a fresh set of memories fighting for attention, the answer’s easy.


Lying Sun

This Sun is a Liar

A shining reminder that the whole “light = goodness, dark = wicked” precept is wack.

Sir Charles Koala III

Victorian Koala and Mistress

... And his robot mistress, Koala Vampoor 2.1

Hawkman Processes

Hawkman rethinks his approach

The thinking is, was, to start as high as possible, using those powerful upper currents, learning as I go.
I’m wondering now, as my flapping cheeks sting my face and the screaming wind threatens to slice of my ears, if this was best possible approach.

Follow the Leader

Ya know, when he's right, he’s right!

You don’t gotta walk funny like he does,
or stick you chin out and puff away on a dopey pipe ...
Just follow him!

... unless of course he wants you to.
Then hey, that pipe does make you look kinda cool!

Bathroom Fight

Bathroom fight at Central East in Tuscaloosa, AL

Central East, my high school in Tuscaloosa, didn’t have doors on the boys’ room stalls. 
No mirrors either, just wall-mounted panels of metal made from some grudingly-reflective alloy.

Side note: My father-in-law pointed out an article in the Atlantic Monthly that talks about the rebirth of segregation at the school.
Turns out I was there during its golden years. Not a massive surprise; I had some very good teachers.

The Closer You Are, the Quicker It Hits You

Level 11 has a strange effect on Pecunius’ mind.

The light behaved differently on Level 11. Or was it the air?
And why was Pecunius even on this level? It was hard to remember.
For those around him, however, there was no ambiguity of purpose.

I’ll give YOU marital bliss!

Jacob is struck by his lovely wife

Jacob wondered, not for the first time, how it was he managed to marry the last surviving member of the Knag tribe.

Flat Craft Designs

Next-generation reconnaissance craft rendering

Blueprints for a reconnaissance plane I submitted to the CIA.
Haven't heard back yet, but it’s got to make it through a bunch of committees and stuff before they get to “yes.”


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