Gibbous Gold Chase

Coptic Explorer looking for polar fleidermice

Six years of fruitless trudging across barren moonscapes had done nothing to diminish Anselm’s spirits.
While the search for gold had been fruitless he had proudly sent back to the queen the three polar fleidermice he discovered on Getemide 7.
Too, there was the discovery of a lunar bakery with great brioche on Mulberrix Minor.

Sketchy Fourth Wise Man Shows up Late

Sketchy Fourth Wiseman and his Wamel

“Yeah, I think we were following the wrong star for a while. Then my … how do you call … wamel ... ran out of gas …”

Aztec Astronaut Reentry

Tolotanaka, far ahead of his time, but not far enough.

Tolotanaka the Explorer has no heat shielding.

Afghani Khyberkat

Khyberkat says few shall pass.

“May I see your mountain pass?”

“Oh, no pass?”

“Well, nice to eat you anyway.”

Lunar Honeydew

Running an errand on the moon

Pretty sure the space bakery is just over that dune.

Spirits of the Sky

Spirits in the Sky - St. AintFittus and wide passenger

The guy on the left is St. Aintfittus, the patron saint of carry-on bags.
The guy on the right is God’s prototype for everyone who's ever sat next to me on an airplane.


Eurobot makes his way cooly across the desert.

He lost the counterfeiter’s trail in the rocky terrain.
No matter.
They’d be back for the plates.

Not Sure Which Track to Take

Dithering tetracycil

You can tell the new-in-town tetracycils by their dithering on the platform.

Note: I drew this while reading Gary Panter’s Dal Tokyo.
The book’s a crazy mess but I love what comes from his abandon when putting marks on paper.  

Waking up in the Ural Forest

Mysterious creatures emerge from a Russian forest

They were a long way from Tinseltown, but they'd learn to adapt. They always did.  

Travel Light

Gheme 17, Traveler

Gheme 17’s sensory receptors were extraordinary. Having no long-term memory however, he had no way of knowing if he’d been here before.


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