Jim Dine gets a Pass

A dark drawing with the message Jim Dine gets a pass.

A young man sitting next to me on the C train saw me scribbling this and asked me why. Turns out his mom knew Dine and dealt with his work.

Mascot Fail

Firefox is always engulfing everyone in flames

Mike, you’re so outgoing, so well-spoken.
And a wonderful posture as foxes go.
The perfect mascot, really.
It’s just the fire…

Hairy Houdini, Escape Artist

Hairy Houdini, emerging from the thick of it.

Capable of astounding extrications from even the most entangling relationships.

Backstage Pyros

One demi-celeb and minder burning brightly backstage.

Recent addendum to Tonight Show guest waiver:
Dear guests, please note that matches have been added to the list of items that will not be made available in the Green Room.


Spesky. Perhaps you’ve heard of him.

He blamed his birthmark for his uneven career as a product spokesman.

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