Sharp-dressed raccoon promises fun and money

Ima show you how to overturn garbage cans for fun and profit but first Ima put these little skritchy marks on public property.

Vlade’s date ends abruptly

Vlade the almost-tapir

What does that mean, “Not even a real a tapir?”
All my profile said was “Four-legged guy with bold color banding and flexible nose enjoys moonlight.”

Ursa Major

Oh this bear is royal alright.

You’d think in a palace this size it wouldn’t be hard to get a little solitude, right?
Well you’d be wrong.
’Cuz it’s always “Can we annex Blahblah Forest this your Excellency?” or
“Can you please appease the buzzing bees that your Furship?”


Gaster the powerful

It's hell on his digestive system, but after his third espresso he can power a city block.

Nepalese Power Gerbil

Not itching for a fight, but the Nepalese Fighting Gerbil won’t shirk either.

Despite centuries of good deeds he is perhaps best known as the brutal enforcer of King Sukjong’s oppressive domestic policies. Goryeo dynasty.

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