Deputized Saguaro

Deputized Saguaros are comin' fer ya

The shadows just got a little longer for Prickly Pete.

Afghani Khyberkat

Khyberkat says few shall pass.

“May I see your mountain pass?”

“Oh, no pass?”

“Well, nice to eat you anyway.”

Oblong Posse

Oblong posse

C’mon boys, let’s catch us a paramecium!

Stalactus the Lead Slinger

Stalactus wore his tin star as a matter of course.

Stalactus waren’t the fastest draw.

He waren’t the best shot neither.

But if’n you drew on him
you kin bet
piece of hot lead
shot out of
every gun
would find its way
to your


KinderJammer the robot

Made his bones shutting down the opposition’s social media networks during the Teenage Rebellion of 2027.

P and Q minder

P and Q droit, compelling you to be the best possible you.

Join me in celebrating the impending improvement of your politesse and posture.
Today, tomorrow and for as long as your body temperature reads above 90 degrees.

Nepalese Power Gerbil

Not itching for a fight, but the Nepalese Fighting Gerbil won’t shirk either.

Despite centuries of good deeds he is perhaps best known as the brutal enforcer of King Sukjong’s oppressive domestic policies. Goryeo dynasty.

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