Ronin Haggis

Dinna cross the Ronin Haggis, lad.

His name is a tremulous whisper on the lips of Hebrides housewives.
Tales of chance encounters keep lads close across moonlit moors.
He was indifferent to their fear.
The brash vitality that once made him the centerpiece of Christmas breakfast had long since cooled and hardened into something far less giving.

Innocence Mission Bot

Innocence Mission Bot

He’s good. He’s true.
He hasn’t been deployed in 70 years.

Hierokeet and Scepter

Widely considered to to be the most accurate depiction of Hierokeet

This benevolent, if preening, ruler brought about a renaissance
in the arts and sciences that lasted nearly half a century.
It is said he had a vocabulary in excess of 30 words.

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