Admiral Koureg

Koureg takes the stage

Is it just me or do his theaters always seem more puppety than martial?

Domestic Hiss

Couple argues over inability to leave party in timely manner.

If you want to leave the party by midnight, then maybe you should be think twice about starting a conversation with Weston about dahlias at 11:45.

East Hampton Anomie

Colonel Whitestamp, wall flower exemplar

Between the bright swirls of summer dresses and endlessly ornate architectural details
Colonel Whitestamp could feel himself melting mercifully out of the party's flow and into the background.

Colonel Plazmo

Colonel Plazmo, a large uniformed alien, unsteady on his feet.

He staggered toward the heavy metal door, unsteady from the lingering tranquilizers in his system.
Reaching out he realized the hand he’d bet and lost had grown back while he was unconscious.
It would feel clumsy for a few days.

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