Brian the Biomechanical Engineer

Brian the quirky engineer

So, I used to know this guy Brian… a brilliant engineer but absolutely obsessed with mailmen.
More accurately, he simply detested mailmen.
No idea why. An incident from his youth maybe.

Just because you’re paranoid...

Munchley, the paranoid but astute crocodile

Munchley knew he had paranoid tendencies. 

Still, Linus had never been late with the ledgers before.  
And they were warm to the touch.

If Linus had, in fact, cooked the books, he’d soon be cooking his own left hand, no mistake.
And eating it too, all while still attached.

“Wonder how that’ll go,” Munchley mused.

Lunchtime in Shreveport

Risking your life for a tasty lunch.

Bergeron’s Businessman’s Special brings them out in droves, avenging angels be damned.
... or is that damned by avenging angels?
Either way, so long as it’s after lunch.

Bad Gift Bearers

Party smashers

This was one shower Baby would not soon forget.


In the basement of the Scottish Rites Temple

“An all-you-can-eat cat buffet. Geniustry.”
“Indeed. It’s not a question of if Der Bungle will show, but when.
“And the cats? They know what to do?”
“I think so. Hard to say with cats.”
“True. Fucking inscrutable.”

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