Org Chart

Misbegotten org chart

We’re all coming together,
folding back in on each other
again and again
forming a high-tensile omelette
that no one
wants to eat.

Feline Quickness wins the 2014 League Championship

Jake and Darrell getting it done

After an extraordinary amount of prayer, St. Clyde guides Jake and Darryl to the promised land.

Biodiverse baddies

Biodiverse baddies, Winken, Blinkong and Zod

Dedicated to environmental mayhem with Valdezian zest (zeal?). Interned at Peabody Energy


In the basement of the Scottish Rites Temple

“An all-you-can-eat cat buffet. Geniustry.”
“Indeed. It’s not a question of if Der Bungle will show, but when.
“And the cats? They know what to do?”
“I think so. Hard to say with cats.”
“True. Fucking inscrutable.”

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