Awkward Symbiosis

Calamites and No-see-ums

The Calamites communicate via No-see-ums, a symbiotic singularity to be certain.

It's fascinating to watch the Calamites attempt to flee their principal means of communication while their very words seem to mock them.

And what do the no-see-ums get? The pleasure of watching the Calamites "cry out", generating more no-see-um activity.

Dr. Wagenheim

Dr. Wagenheim, we presume

Not a lot of veterinarians made house calls.
Fewer still entered Big Sandy’s rich mess of red clay and poison oak.
So folks would be forgiven if they were startled by the
sudden appearance of this
Victorian protoplasm loping through the scrubby pine.

Shadow Wards of Muir Woods

Shadowy but effective presence in Muir Woods

Charged with ladybug clustering, salamander tail retention and banana-slug trail maintenance, respectively.

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