Jim Dine gets a Pass

A dark drawing with the message Jim Dine gets a pass.

A young man sitting next to me on the C train saw me scribbling this and asked me why. Turns out his mom knew Dine and dealt with his work.

Feline Quickness wins the 2014 League Championship

Jake and Darrell getting it done

After an extraordinary amount of prayer, St. Clyde guides Jake and Darryl to the promised land.

Pulpo the Maker

Pulpo the handy mechanic!

Pulpo loves to make things.
He’s made bridges, race cars, a giant toaster and even a spaceship once.
But his favorite thing to build is trains.

You Never Forget Your First One

Tom Bray, a great editor and better person

Tom Bray was my first editor out of school. He had a wild streak that allowed us to come up with some strange and spirited storytelling at the Desert Sun.

These are Famous in Japan

Hyper-violent crowd pleasers

What made these stolid lads in simple suits a mad sensation?

The hypnotic whirl of their night sticks?

Their easy aplomb in dispatching the crowd?

Or was it the single bright bloom at the end of each performance,
the cheery smears of blood across their lips?

It's unknowable; groupies typically survive four performances, tops.

Backstage Pyros

One demi-celeb and minder burning brightly backstage.

Recent addendum to Tonight Show guest waiver:
Dear guests, please note that matches have been added to the list of items that will not be made available in the Green Room.

Marionette Master vs. Hand-Puppet Master

The puppeteers are at it again.

They’re more evenly matched than one might imagine.

Ah, my beauty past compare!

Monstra brings it. Erroll’s enchanted.

Erroll’s passion for the songs of Monstra was in no way diminished by Monstra’s obscurity. If anything it was heightened by it; a joyous treasure all his own.
(A hand-colored doodle to the first person who can identify the comic origin of this lyric) No google!

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