Gibbous Gold Chase

Coptic Explorer looking for polar fleidermice

Six years of fruitless trudging across barren moonscapes had done nothing to diminish Anselm’s spirits.
While the search for gold had been fruitless he had proudly sent back to the queen the three polar fleidermice he discovered on Getemide 7.
Too, there was the discovery of a lunar bakery with great brioche on Mulberrix Minor.

Aztec Astronaut Reentry

Tolotanaka, far ahead of his time, but not far enough.

Tolotanaka the Explorer has no heat shielding.

East Hampton Anomie

Colonel Whitestamp, wall flower exemplar

Between the bright swirls of summer dresses and endlessly ornate architectural details
Colonel Whitestamp could feel himself melting mercifully out of the party's flow and into the background.

That’s Mister Poo-filled Piñata to you!

Poor blighter comes to resemble the factory he works in.

Sometimes the job becomes you, sometimes you become the job.

Biodiverse baddies

Biodiverse baddies, Winken, Blinkong and Zod

Dedicated to environmental mayhem with Valdezian zest (zeal?). Interned at Peabody Energy

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