Occupational Hazard

Best two out of three? Not an option.

An unthinking astronaut is sucked into the void after missing the dartboard.

In space, there’s no such thing as ‘a little game of darts.’

Admiral Koureg

Koureg takes the stage

Is it just me or do his theaters always seem more puppety than martial?

Herculean Gingerbread

Gingerbread Man says 'Come at me bro!'

He will not go gentle into that good bite.

Org Chart

Misbegotten org chart

We’re all coming together,
folding back in on each other
again and again
forming a high-tensile omelette
that no one
wants to eat.

Aztec Astronaut Reentry

Tolotanaka, far ahead of his time, but not far enough.

Tolotanaka the Explorer has no heat shielding.

Follow the Leader

Ya know, when he's right, he’s right!

You don’t gotta walk funny like he does,
or stick you chin out and puff away on a dopey pipe ...
Just follow him!

... unless of course he wants you to.
Then hey, that pipe does make you look kinda cool!

Hairy Houdini, Escape Artist

Hairy Houdini, emerging from the thick of it.

Capable of astounding extrications from even the most entangling relationships.

That’s Mister Poo-filled Piñata to you!

Poor blighter comes to resemble the factory he works in.

Sometimes the job becomes you, sometimes you become the job.

Page of Hades

The pages of Hades are a busy lot.

Very like a page of Capitol Hill, but with a better agenda.

Ninja Cramp

Ninja gets a cramp

I said 'Time out!' And anyway I said no kusarigama!


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