Doppel Sanders, Event Promoter Extraordinaire

Doppel Sanders recognizes all great ideas, so long as they're his ideas.

It’s a great idea, so long as it’s his idea.

Falling Star

Twinkle, twinkle aaiiieeeeeeeeee!

Wasn’t she on Square Pegs?

Giraffe Star

Giraffe Star

(Sans her usual entourage of moony fans)

Charismatic and Popular Mr. for all Ages

Charismatic and popular Mr. for all ages

North Korea is encouraged buy the rights to Mr., brand and franchise the heck out of him
and become bigger than Disney.
This is an auspicious opportunity to influence the world.

Multi-eyes on Fire

Multi-eyes on fire. Again

Gaahhhhhhh! Lee Radziwell put me here!!!!!

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