Just desserts

Herculean Gingerbread

Gingerbread Man says 'Come at me bro!'

He will not go gentle into that good bite.

Rise Spazikuro, Rise!

Spazikuro is coming!!

The mighty beast rises from the Pacific, eager to wreak havoc.

Too eager in fact.

“Women are not objects.”

She's not easily moved.

I asked her if immovability factored at all in her thinking.

The next thing I remember is waking up in a beeping room with a straw down my throat.

Not as bad as it looks

Little Miss Muffet has it coming to her

Why can’t Little Miss Muffets have it coming to them?!
Sure they can! Of course they can!
Especially this one!

You’ve made it into the best restaurant in Hell!

The service in Hell is excellent, if a bit stiff.

And now you’re complaining about your seating.
You realize it’s exactly this behavior that put you here in the first place?
Hell that is, not the restaurant.


Dupes travel in clusters

“The 8-Hour Diet!? OMGOMGOMGOM!”

Multi-eyes on Fire

Multi-eyes on fire. Again

Gaahhhhhhh! Lee Radziwell put me here!!!!!

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