Gibbous Gold Chase

Coptic Explorer looking for polar fleidermice

Six years of fruitless trudging across barren moonscapes had done nothing to diminish Anselm’s spirits.
While the search for gold had been fruitless he had proudly sent back to the queen the three polar fleidermice he discovered on Getemide 7.
Too, there was the discovery of a lunar bakery with great brioche on Mulberrix Minor.

Hiiii there!

A big grin reveals an alarming set of teeth.

Am I early?

Pulpo the Maker

Pulpo the handy mechanic!

Pulpo loves to make things.
He’s made bridges, race cars, a giant toaster and even a spaceship once.
But his favorite thing to build is trains.

Frog + Metastag = TLA

Happy frog stares lovingly, longingly at metastag

“There’s no way! it’ll never work!”

If Arthur had a fly for every time he heard this he’d never need to buy lunch again.

But here they were, happy as clams, nearly 20 years into it.

It just goes to show you kids, follow your heart, be persistent and good things can happen.

Happy Clothes

Smiling clothing

No more hot, stuffy humans! Woo!

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