Doctor to the Asteroids (and helpful helper)

Asteroid Doc and helpful helper

They say it's difficult getting stars to do what's good for them?
Try telling an asteroid they need to lay off strenuous activity for a while.
Then try getting it to come in for a follow-up in a couple of weeks.
Yeah, don't wait for that underwater.

Flatbush Desanitizer

Flatbush desanitizer, on the job, 24-7.

It’s a thankless job, keeping Flatbush Avenue filthy.

Pawcraft, a deep scratch exploration vessel

Pawcraft, a deep scratch exploration vessel

Legend has it the craft was once part of a larger sentient humanoid craft.
They say if you travel out past Psilone IV you can pick up faint and scratchy transmissions...
...‘where's my pawwww..’

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