Petaluma in Repose

Petaluma in repose.

To disturb her is to be restricted to Levels 7 - 21 for a very long time.

If there’s Nothing Shaking Come this here July...

Magnanimous in victory, clueless to what's coming.

It just goes to show you, one minute you’ve got life by the throat, radiating your beatific, gracious-in-victory grin.

The next, you’re wondering how long it’s going to take the giant hole in your chest to close.

Turkey Creek Reparations

A strange vision on the dry bed of Turkey Creek

My Aunt Betsy would sneak out regularly when she was a child in Gardner, Colorado.

Once, on a clear, bright-moon night she was out looking for cactus mice to play with.
She was poking through a cluster of yucca when she heard a drift of soft, flat babbling sounds.

Coyotes? She walked quietly across the sand toward a clump of creosote to peek down into the dry creek bed.

It wasn't coyotes.


Flaybot will ease your suffering by inflicting pain.

Full of undetected wickedness?
Smothering under heaps of undeserved praise?
No worries man!

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