Trinity sighting near Radda

A spiritual sighting in the Chianti Classico region

The Sangiovese harvest will be a good one.

Feline Quickness wins the 2014 League Championship

Jake and Darrell getting it done

After an extraordinary amount of prayer, St. Clyde guides Jake and Darryl to the promised land.

Sketchy Fourth Wise Man Shows up Late

Sketchy Fourth Wiseman and his Wamel

“Yeah, I think we were following the wrong star for a while. Then my … how do you call … wamel ... ran out of gas …”

Portrait of St. Cheddarhausen

Portrait of St. Cheddarhausen

Saint Cheddarhausen claimed complete bewilderment at the number of people praying to him for domestic hegemony.

It was well known among lower-atmosphere saints, however, that he regularly encouraged devotion through such minor miracles as afflicting spouses with laryngitis during arguments or having the love letters of long lost flames appear in the stack of the day’s mail, always parting the celestial curtain just enough to allow the beneficiary to know to whom they could attribute their sudden upper hand.

If there’s Nothing Shaking Come this here July...

Magnanimous in victory, clueless to what's coming.

It just goes to show you, one minute you’ve got life by the throat, radiating your beatific, gracious-in-victory grin.

The next, you’re wondering how long it’s going to take the giant hole in your chest to close.


Flaybot will ease your suffering by inflicting pain.

Full of undetected wickedness?
Smothering under heaps of undeserved praise?
No worries man!

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