“What’s long, brown and sticky?” the Wicked Skull asks

wicked skull loves jokes

“A stick!”

“Get it?”

The Wicked Skull loves jokes.

Annihilators have feelings too

Butterfly of Death is sensitive

“Look, just because I’m here to take you from everything and everyone you’ve ever known
doesn’t mean I’m not a delicate, sensitive creature.”

“Can I have a glass of water?”

You’ve made it into the best restaurant in Hell!

The service in Hell is excellent, if a bit stiff.

And now you’re complaining about your seating.
You realize it’s exactly this behavior that put you here in the first place?
Hell that is, not the restaurant.

Missile Teeth

A skull with missiles for teeth, talking you into bad ideas

I think we’ve all made friends at some point we’ve quickly realized weren't necessarily ‘good’ for us.

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