Rise Spazikuro, Rise!

Spazikuro is coming!!

The mighty beast rises from the Pacific, eager to wreak havoc.

Too eager in fact.

Doctor to the Asteroids (and helpful helper)

Asteroid Doc and helpful helper

They say it's difficult getting stars to do what's good for them?
Try telling an asteroid they need to lay off strenuous activity for a while.
Then try getting it to come in for a follow-up in a couple of weeks.
Yeah, don't wait for that underwater.

Kansas City Bagman

Kansas City Bagman with tool and souvenir

Thursday through Tuesday, it’s lentil soup and the Prairie Home Companion.
But the knives shine bright on Wednesday night!

Youngest Politician Yet

Youngest politician fresh faced!

A thousand venal half-truths but a gleam in his eye.

You’ve made it into the best restaurant in Hell!

The service in Hell is excellent, if a bit stiff.

And now you’re complaining about your seating.
You realize it’s exactly this behavior that put you here in the first place?
Hell that is, not the restaurant.

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