Super Different Fashion Sense

Superheroes: Same goals, very different fashion senses

Spiro loved his black latex suit.
Not because it showed off his muscles.
Not because it hid him reasonably well at night.
He liked it because Megalo-Don found it absolutely repellant.
Said it made him look like a giant eggplant.

New Heroes

Desparate times call for desparate heroes.

Disgruntled angels accosting the citizenry,
a murder of crows led by a charismatic but unstable leader
and a rapidly diminishing cat population;
a city with new problems needs new superheroes.

Hawkman Processes

Hawkman rethinks his approach

The thinking is, was, to start as high as possible, using those powerful upper currents, learning as I go.
I’m wondering now, as my flapping cheeks sting my face and the screaming wind threatens to slice of my ears, if this was best possible approach.

Die Neu Batmann

A strange new Batman comes from below

Keeping the streets of Necropolis safe for the innocent and the dead.

Osiris and Young Brosirus

Superheroes defer to the Ouija board

Strengths: Great at catching robbers by showing up at exactly the right moment.
Weaknesses: Easily lured into long conversations about reincarnation,
the 4th dimension and other trippy shit.


In the basement of the Scottish Rites Temple

“An all-you-can-eat cat buffet. Geniustry.”
“Indeed. It’s not a question of if Der Bungle will show, but when.
“And the cats? They know what to do?”
“I think so. Hard to say with cats.”
“True. Fucking inscrutable.”


Dim superhero

Not too bright and a little creepy, his secret identity was of little interest to the townsfolk.

An Unlikely Trio of Heroes

Masteef, Veric and Otto, an unlikely trio

Their range in scale – planetoidal, epic and small – made them formidable opponents. (Not to scale)


The Colossus of Hernia

The colossus of Hernia giving 110%.

Strength: erm...strength.
Weakness: a tendency to overdo it.


The Night Confidant

The Night Confidant looks like a mime sort of.

Making the city safe for spouses of every gender.


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