Gibbous Gold Chase

Coptic Explorer looking for polar fleidermice

Six years of fruitless trudging across barren moonscapes had done nothing to diminish Anselm’s spirits.
While the search for gold had been fruitless he had proudly sent back to the queen the three polar fleidermice he discovered on Getemide 7.
Too, there was the discovery of a lunar bakery with great brioche on Mulberrix Minor.

I am Organicus. I come in peas.

Organicus comes in peas.

Consume your broccoli stalks or face annihilation.

Sir Ocelot

Talented but sociopathic oracle

“Ima show you the meaning of time, but first Ima make these little scritches in the hotel lobby.”

The In-Laws are Coming! The In-Laws are Coming!

Get up, get up! An In-law invasion is imminent!

Prep the scrub brushes!

Fire up the Yankee Candles!

Buraq and salmon putti

It is unlikely Buraq knows where Hoffa is.

Is it just me, or are the FBI leads on Hoffa getting more tenuous?

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