Oh well

Muddled Butterfly

Beautifully ornate but befuddled nonetheless butterfly

Where's that pollen sandwich? There's no way I finished that ... did I?

Not the World’s Best Babysitter

Hooded babysitter finger-paints wantonly on walls and charges

But she shows up on time, usually.

But Hey, Back on the Right Side of the Dirt!

I'm myself, just a happy cadaverous kind of me

Ever been stuck head first into a deep, narrow hole, covered with dirt and brought back to life days later by a Vodou priest to be his personal enemy eater?

Yeah, one of those kind of weeks.

OMG, Sheer Geniustry!

The best idea evarrrr ...

I’m a genius!
I’ll be a rich genius!!
Just gotta write this down before I forge ...

Winner Take All

Men fight while plummeting to earth

For all its promise, they never thought it all the way through.

Hawkman Processes

Hawkman rethinks his approach

The thinking is, was, to start as high as possible, using those powerful upper currents, learning as I go.
I’m wondering now, as my flapping cheeks sting my face and the screaming wind threatens to slice of my ears, if this was best possible approach.

Mascot Fail

Firefox is always engulfing everyone in flames

Mike, you’re so outgoing, so well-spoken.
And a wonderful posture as foxes go.
The perfect mascot, really.
It’s just the fire…

Peace Monetizer

Peace monetizer regrets his career choice

It was one of those majors in college that just sounded so…money.

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