Lunar Honeydew

Running an errand on the moon

Pretty sure the space bakery is just over that dune.

Picking up Bread

Felix and Laris mean well. We think...right?

Felix and Laris on a mission to pick up bread and only bread.
Not bugs, not tufts of animal fur and NOT dirty abandoned socks.

Shadow Wards of Muir Woods

Shadowy but effective presence in Muir Woods

Charged with ladybug clustering, salamander tail retention and banana-slug trail maintenance, respectively.

Team Ideation

Two co-workers ideating.

Claude and Claudette, doing what they do best.

Reconnoiter Debrief

3 creatures report their lack of findings.

Initial reports find no trace of the buried six-pack.


Foragers go bacterium hunting

The nightly searches for bacterium took them farther and farther from the camp.

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