Super Different Fashion Sense

Superheroes: Same goals, very different fashion senses

Spiro loved his black latex suit.
Not because it showed off his muscles.
Not because it hid him reasonably well at night.
He liked it because Megalo-Don found it absolutely repellant.
Said it made him look like a giant eggplant.

Lowell de Altoona Tienes una Pregunta

Lowell from Altoona

¿Cómo puedo controlar la estática?

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East Hampton Anomie

Colonel Whitestamp, wall flower exemplar

Between the bright swirls of summer dresses and endlessly ornate architectural details
Colonel Whitestamp could feel himself melting mercifully out of the party's flow and into the background.

Happy Clothes

Smiling clothing

No more hot, stuffy humans! Woo!

Aspirational Clothing Eyes

Aspirational Clothing Eyes

Obscure your world in a gauzy haze of the season’s hottest colors.

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