Little-known facts

Tried Smiting, Locusts, Peanut Butter, You Name It.

Trying to catch mice in heaven is just as big of a pain in the ass as it is on earth.

You Never Forget Your First One

Tom Bray, a great editor and better person

Tom Bray was my first editor out of school. He had a wild streak that allowed us to come up with some strange and spirited storytelling at the Desert Sun.

Sketchy Fourth Wise Man Shows up Late

Sketchy Fourth Wiseman and his Wamel

“Yeah, I think we were following the wrong star for a while. Then my … how do you call … wamel ... ran out of gas …”

Awkward Symbiosis

Calamites and No-see-ums

The Calamites communicate via No-see-ums, a symbiotic singularity to be certain.

It's fascinating to watch the Calamites attempt to flee their principal means of communication while their very words seem to mock them.

And what do the no-see-ums get? The pleasure of watching the Calamites "cry out", generating more no-see-um activity.

Doctor to the Asteroids (and helpful helper)

Asteroid Doc and helpful helper

They say it's difficult getting stars to do what's good for them?
Try telling an asteroid they need to lay off strenuous activity for a while.
Then try getting it to come in for a follow-up in a couple of weeks.
Yeah, don't wait for that underwater.

Sentient Houndstooth

The Bear's little buddies.

During the only games the Bear lost, he wasn't wearing his fedora.
Just sayin.'

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