Beauty and the V8

Chick flees Hemi

Hemi was an all-state quarterback and he was crazy about Chick, the coach’s daughter and cute as a peep. Naturally everyone in school thought they were destined to be together.
Everyone but Chick.

Lunar Honeydew, part 3

Mecha-wife is more irritated than worried

Where in the hell is Alec? I sent him for a loaf of space bread ages ago.

Brian the Biomechanical Engineer

Brian the quirky engineer

So, I used to know this guy Brian… a brilliant engineer but absolutely obsessed with mailmen.
More accurately, he simply detested mailmen.
No idea why. An incident from his youth maybe.

Lunar Honeydew

Running an errand on the moon

Pretty sure the space bakery is just over that dune.

Bad Gift Bearers

Party smashers

This was one shower Baby would not soon forget.

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

This is Marcel. Don’t say hi Marcel.

Trust me. You do not want to meet Marcel’s tongues.

Getting home late for dinner

Kids will be kids. That is, running late.

No culcuthans for a week, unless they can pull a quick timephase.

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