Flatbush Golem

The Golem of Flatbush

Composed of drifts of real and synthetic hair and dumped cooking oil, brought to life by the chance chiming of homeless and mentally ill oracles.

Flatbush French Fry

Flatbush French Fry will put you down, son.

“Small fry?!”
“Who you callin’ Small Fry??”
“I’ll pour this Coca-cola all down your neck
an’ all down your back
an’ mush this empty cup all up on your head
an’ then maybe you can tell me ‘small fry’ son.

NYC Real Estate Buyer’s Agent

NYC buyer’s agent

And you thought these guys were some sci-fi bullshit, right?

Flatbush Desanitizer

Flatbush desanitizer, on the job, 24-7.

It’s a thankless job, keeping Flatbush Avenue filthy.

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