Abominable Lincoln Logs

Lincoln log creature loping through the fog

“Put your toys away when you're done playing with them,” Bea’s mom would say.
“Okay Mommy,” Beatrice would say.
But the toys were very rarely put away.

Then, one night, a light blue, but very thick fog rolled into town.
And up the hill.
And into the house.

The next morning the fog was gone.
And the toys were gone from the floor. In fact, they were gone altogether!

And so was Bea.

This is a true story.

Charismatic and Popular Mr. for all Ages

Charismatic and popular Mr. for all ages

North Korea is encouraged buy the rights to Mr., brand and franchise the heck out of him
and become bigger than Disney.
This is an auspicious opportunity to influence the world.


Flex-o-Bunny – Unsuitable mate for DustoBunny

Not appropriate for children under 9.

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