Trickle-down EconomicsBot

Trickle-down Economics Bot is not a Fantaxy

Oh he’ll reach you.

Just be patient.

DARPA Strollbot

Lookit Hepcat go!

Go ’head!
Try to get this cat down.

70’s Borg

Sir Charles Koala III

Victorian Koala and Mistress

... And his robot mistress, Koala Vampoor 2.1

MechaConflict and Spirit of Mecha

mecha and spirit of mecha

The business side in MechaConflict was always looking for ways to boost margins while his
panzer side just wanted to crush everything in sight.

Spirit of Mecha hovered, ever watchful, ever helpless to do much more than cautiously whisper cautions.

Clumsy Chickenbot

Look out, Clumsy Chickenbot!

Frequently found lumbering behind the nimble Cricketbot.


Eurobot makes his way cooly across the desert.

He lost the counterfeiter’s trail in the rocky terrain.
No matter.
They’d be back for the plates.

Not Sure Which Track to Take

Dithering tetracycil

You can tell the new-in-town tetracycils by their dithering on the platform.

Note: I drew this while reading Gary Panter’s Dal Tokyo.
The book’s a crazy mess but I love what comes from his abandon when putting marks on paper.  

Dogfight in the Clouds

Stupid MechBears and SkySharks

Do not trust mechanical animal antipathies;
Their loathing has no staying power.

Take the MechBears and SkySharks for instance.

One day they’re sworn enemies.
The next they’re symbioting to drop bombs on you.


DARPA's Falling Dog Bot.

A beautifully realized DARPA vision of the phrase 'Raining cats and dogs.'


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