The Meatster Bunny

Wheat, chickpeas, sand, spelt … I got no problem with those guys. They’re all good.

Samuraic Bunny

Stainless steel helmet for Samuraic Bunny

Easter is coming.
Prepare to be reborn.

You Never Forget Your First One

Tom Bray, a great editor and better person

Tom Bray was my first editor out of school. He had a wild streak that allowed us to come up with some strange and spirited storytelling at the Desert Sun.

The Magicians Vanish

Lambert, deserted by the other magicians, is left holding the bunny.

Lambert is left holding the bunny.

Hero Nocturnus

Hero Nocturnus may save you or destroy you

He isn’t completely random in who is saved and who is destroyed.
Random enough though to make even those in the direst straits less comfortable still.

This said, law enforcement believes he generally leaves situations better than he found them.

Rabbit Ripper

Knock knock. Who’s there? Carrot.

Yes, he looks kind of like a rabbit. That’s why they let him in.


Don’t mess. He’s union.

Go ahead, ask if he has your results yet.


Flex-o-Bunny – Unsuitable mate for DustoBunny

Not appropriate for children under 9.

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