Not the World’s Best Babysitter

Hooded babysitter finger-paints wantonly on walls and charges

But she shows up on time, usually.

Deputized Saguaro

Deputized Saguaros are comin' fer ya

The shadows just got a little longer for Prickly Pete.

Happy Specter has Something for Everyone

Happy Specter floats around all of us

Flitting from flickery-dim hospital morgues (“Hi there night-shift intern!”) to the unkempt bedrooms of Wyoming children (“Howdy young mortal!”), Specter Sam took great pride in treating everyone like the first, last and only person he would ever try to scare to death.

Dr. Wagenheim

Dr. Wagenheim, we presume

Not a lot of veterinarians made house calls.
Fewer still entered Big Sandy’s rich mess of red clay and poison oak.
So folks would be forgiven if they were startled by the
sudden appearance of this
Victorian protoplasm loping through the scrubby pine.

Flatbush Desanitizer

Flatbush desanitizer, on the job, 24-7.

It’s a thankless job, keeping Flatbush Avenue filthy.

Kansas City Bagman

Kansas City Bagman with tool and souvenir

Thursday through Tuesday, it’s lentil soup and the Prairie Home Companion.
But the knives shine bright on Wednesday night!

Youngest Politician Yet

Youngest politician ever...so fresh faced!

A thousand venal half-truths but a gleam in his eye.


Gaster the powerful

It's hell on his digestive system, but after his third espresso he can power a city block.

Monk retreat

A monk alone with his thoughts. And Hall and Oates

’Cuz after all those crazy, countless hours of contemplation you just need need some relief, right?

Shadow Wards of Muir Woods

Shadowy but effective presence in Muir Woods

Charged with ladybug clustering, salamander tail retention and banana-slug trail maintenance, respectively.


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