Late for Lunch, the Path of Least Resistance

Young prince taking the path of least resistance

A shortcut through the Neville chamber should make up for lost time.
So long as the young prince didn’t run into yappy Winston.

Ursa Major

Oh this bear is royal alright.

You’d think in a palace this size it wouldn’t be hard to get a little solitude, right?
Well you’d be wrong.
’Cuz it’s always “Can we annex Blahblah Forest this your Excellency?” or
“Can you please appease the buzzing bees that your Furship?”

Hierokeet and Scepter

Widely considered to to be the most accurate depiction of Hierokeet

This benevolent, if preening, ruler brought about a renaissance
in the arts and sciences that lasted nearly half a century.
It is said he had a vocabulary in excess of 30 words.

Beaver King Ceremonial Armor

Beaver King Ceremonial Armor

Worn only once during the signing of unconditional surrender documents by the Muskrats of Auntoch Hollow.

The Haughter of Charlemagne

Pecksniff of the first order.

The poncey name didn’t help.

Noblesse Oblige

Not since the Duke and Duchess of Windsor had royalty been so winningly down-to-earth.

Lemmy is an agreeable sort. No less so for his privileged status.

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