Olly Olly Income Free!

Perry's trying to fool lunch into coming to him.

Perry’s enticements to the local fiddle crabs, while known for their susceptibility to get-rich-quick schemes, failed to deliver lunch.

Rise Spazikuro, Rise!

Spazikuro is coming!!

The mighty beast rises from the Pacific, eager to wreak havoc.

Too eager in fact.

Lying Sun

This Sun is a Liar

A shining reminder that the whole “light = goodness, dark = wicked” precept is wack.

Kansas City Bagman

Kansas City Bagman with tool and souvenir

Thursday through Tuesday, it’s lentil soup and the Prairie Home Companion.
But the knives shine bright on Wednesday night!

Biodiverse baddies

Biodiverse baddies, Winken, Blinkong and Zod

Dedicated to environmental mayhem with Valdezian zest (zeal?). Interned at Peabody Energy


In the basement of the Scottish Rites Temple

“An all-you-can-eat cat buffet. Geniustry.”
“Indeed. It’s not a question of if Der Bungle will show, but when.
“And the cats? They know what to do?”
“I think so. Hard to say with cats.”
“True. Fucking inscrutable.”

Tzartrek is thwarted!

Tzartrek shakes his fist in rage!

But we’ve not heard the last of him. You can bet the rings of Uranus on it.


Demigods with ill tempers should be kept far from humans.

His short temper kept him at the small table during the Lectisternium.

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