Peeking into the Drawing Room

Seymour the Ghost sees something he wish he hadn't

Seymour finally sees something he can’t unsee.

Lucas the Four-Eyed Lycanthrope

Lucas the four-eyed lycanthrope is patient by werewolf standards

He tolerated the chickens’ taunts as long as he could.

The Messiah Six Complex

Theater owner with a messiah complex

The theater is close and relatively cheap, but the owner insists on rotating the same “classics.”
How many times can you watch “Godspell”, “Clash of the Titans” or “Helter Skelter”, really?


You are getting sleepy ... very, very sleepy

The last thing Steff remembers is tugging at an odd-looking and particularly stubborn root veg.

Afghani Khyberkat

Khyberkat says few shall pass.

“May I see your mountain pass?”

“Oh, no pass?”

“Well, nice to eat you anyway.”

Doctor to the Asteroids (and helpful helper)

Asteroid Doc and helpful helper

They say it's difficult getting stars to do what's good for them?
Try telling an asteroid they need to lay off strenuous activity for a while.
Then try getting it to come in for a follow-up in a couple of weeks.
Yeah, don't wait for that underwater.

Peace Monetizer

Peace monetizer regrets his career choice

It was one of those majors in college that just sounded so…money.

Multi-eyes on Fire

Multi-eyes on fire. Again

Gaahhhhhhh! Lee Radziwell put me here!!!!!


Demigods with ill tempers should be kept far from humans.

His short temper kept him at the small table during the Lectisternium.

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