Anger management

Lucas the Four-Eyed Lycanthrope

Lucas the four-eyed lycanthrope is patient by werewolf standards

He tolerated the chickens’ taunts as long as he could.

Flatbush French Fry

Flatbush French Fry will put you down, son.

“Small fry?!”
“Who you callin’ Small Fry??”
“I’ll pour this Coca-cola all down your neck
an’ all down your back
an’ mush this empty cup all up on your head
an’ then maybe you can tell me ‘small fry’ son.

Death gets his Panties in a Wad

ooooo! Death’s irate!

We can all agree that, generally speaking, no day is a good day to die.
This day, however, would be an exceptionally poor day to die.


Don't touch this.

Here's a game he likes to play: 
You ask him 'Hey Hammerthai, where's yer parachute pants?'
Then he spends the next 10 minutes ignoring the gathering crowd that's pleading
'Ooooh, don't hurt him Hammerthai!'


Demigods with ill tempers should be kept far from humans.

His short temper kept him at the small table during the Lectisternium.

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