I am Organicus. I come in peas.

Organicus comes in peas.

Consume your broccoli stalks or face annihilation.

The Messiah Six Complex

Theater owner with a messiah complex

The theater is close and relatively cheap, but the owner insists on rotating the same “classics.”
How many times can you watch “Godspell”, “Clash of the Titans” or “Helter Skelter”, really?

Petaluma in Repose

Petaluma in repose.

To disturb her is to be restricted to Levels 7 - 21 for a very long time.

NYC Real Estate Buyer’s Agent

NYC buyer’s agent

And you thought these guys were some sci-fi bullshit, right?

Milton and Melville

Milton and Melville fighting to please

Milton and Melville continue to flail ineffectively at each other, desperate to please their god.
Moloc looks on with waning interest.

Napoleonics Spiraling out of Control

They haven't built a solar system big enough yet for 3 Napoleonics.

Not uncommon when there’s more that one.
Get three on a campaign and next thing you know random planets are getting flattened,
whole colonies are getting conscripted, all manner of craziness.


Don't touch this.

Here's a game he likes to play: 
You ask him 'Hey Hammerthai, where's yer parachute pants?'
Then he spends the next 10 minutes ignoring the gathering crowd that's pleading
'Ooooh, don't hurt him Hammerthai!'

Imperial Blastoma

The Imperial Blastoma says ‘Hi there!’

Just sitting out there in her endless ocean of black whispering “Oh hey, I’ve got a parable for you.”


The Pantokreator at work with his ‘matter pencil’

The maker of all things except the sun and moon and earth and all the other universe stuff.



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