Portrait of Vauxhall

Another portrait of Vauxhall

Christian Vauxhall and his wrestling prowess have been immortalized in countless songs and plays.
This painting, commissioned by Leopold I, hangs in the main foyer of Antwerp’s Royal Naval Gymnasium.


Bathroom Fight

Bathroom fight at Central East in Tuscaloosa, AL

Central East, my high school in Tuscaloosa, didn’t have doors on the boys’ room stalls. 
No mirrors either, just wall-mounted panels of metal made from some grudingly-reflective alloy.

Side note: My father-in-law pointed out an article in the Atlantic Monthly that talks about the rebirth of segregation at the school.
Turns out I was there during its golden years. Not a massive surprise; I had some very good teachers.

Milton and Melville

Milton and Melville fighting to please

Milton and Melville continue to flail ineffectively at each other, desperate to please their god.
Moloc looks on with waning interest.

Christian Vauxhall

A crafty wrestler

A terrific wrestler dominating the 225-facet class from 1686 to 1698. Virtually impossible to pin despite his short limbs.


Santo Lantern!

Can leap like a mighty jungle cat from the turnbuckle exactly one time.

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