Way, Way Back of the Throat Party Host

Throw your arms in the air and cough like you just don't care!

They say it’s not a party until something gets raw and constricted.

“What’s long, brown and sticky?” the Wicked Skull asks

wicked skull loves jokes

“A stick!”

“Get it?”

The Wicked Skull loves jokes.

Dent Head

Perfectly content bicuspid head.

“Tooth be told, I’m a bicuspid head.
But I get that a lot.”


Don't touch this.

Here's a game he likes to play: 
You ask him 'Hey Hammerthai, where's yer parachute pants?'
Then he spends the next 10 minutes ignoring the gathering crowd that's pleading
'Ooooh, don't hurt him Hammerthai!'

Imperial Blastoma

The Imperial Blastoma says ‘Hi there!’

Just sitting out there in her endless ocean of black whispering “Oh hey, I’ve got a parable for you.”


Do not ask Koi-Gon to take you away.

Loki’s pesky neighbor. Always returning dvds with scratches.

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