Doppel Sanders, Event Promoter Extraordinaire

Doppel Sanders recognizes all great ideas, so long as they're his ideas.

It’s a great idea, so long as it’s his idea.

Kalvin Ritter vs. Calcified Future Limb

Linus considers his next move against the calcified future limb.

Vegas says it’s a push, but I know who I’m putting my money on.

Sir Ocelot

Talented but sociopathic oracle

“Ima show you the meaning of time, but first Ima make these little scritches in the hotel lobby.”

But Hey, Back on the Right Side of the Dirt!

I'm myself, just a happy cadaverous kind of me

Ever been stuck head first into a deep, narrow hole, covered with dirt and brought back to life days later by a Vodou priest to be his personal enemy eater?

Yeah, one of those kind of weeks.

These are Famous in Japan

Hyper-violent crowd pleasers

What made these stolid lads in simple suits a mad sensation?

The hypnotic whirl of their night sticks?

Their easy aplomb in dispatching the crowd?

Or was it the single bright bloom at the end of each performance,
the cheery smears of blood across their lips?

It's unknowable; groupies typically survive four performances, tops.

MechaConflict and Spirit of Mecha

mecha and spirit of mecha

The business side in MechaConflict was always looking for ways to boost margins while his
panzer side just wanted to crush everything in sight.

Spirit of Mecha hovered, ever watchful, ever helpless to do much more than cautiously whisper cautions.

That’s Mister Poo-filled Piñata to you!

Poor blighter comes to resemble the factory he works in.

Sometimes the job becomes you, sometimes you become the job.

Lunchtime in Shreveport

Risking your life for a tasty lunch.

Bergeron’s Businessman’s Special brings them out in droves, avenging angels be damned.
... or is that damned by avenging angels?
Either way, so long as it’s after lunch.

Pappardelic Conniption

A man gets very nervous going to a job interview

Ignatio was looking sharp in his crisp white shirt and hard-finished navy suit.
He was just 3 blocks from the interview when his nerves got the better of him.


Consiglieri blowing bubbles for no apparent reason

More family than family sometimes.

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