Trinity sighting near Radda

A spiritual sighting in the Chianti Classico region

The Sangiovese harvest will be a good one.

Sir Ocelot

Talented but sociopathic oracle

“Ima show you the meaning of time, but first Ima make these little scritches in the hotel lobby.”

Dead Earth Sower

Cultivating a dead earth

The farmer knew the importance of rotating between crops of salt and pencil shavings.
A winter cover crop of mercury helped to ensure the land stayed barren.

Awkward Symbiosis

Calamites and No-see-ums

The Calamites communicate via No-see-ums, a symbiotic singularity to be certain.

It's fascinating to watch the Calamites attempt to flee their principal means of communication while their very words seem to mock them.

And what do the no-see-ums get? The pleasure of watching the Calamites "cry out", generating more no-see-um activity.

Domestic Hiss

Couple argues over inability to leave party in timely manner.

If you want to leave the party by midnight, then maybe you should be think twice about starting a conversation with Weston about dahlias at 11:45.

Lunar Honeydew, part 2

Moon encounter

Say, who’s that on yonder ridge?
He looks bigger than Carl the baker.
Then again optics can get pretty distorted out here on the prairies of the moon.

MechaConflict and Spirit of Mecha

mecha and spirit of mecha

The business side in MechaConflict was always looking for ways to boost margins while his
panzer side just wanted to crush everything in sight.

Spirit of Mecha hovered, ever watchful, ever helpless to do much more than cautiously whisper cautions.

Lunar Honeydew

Running an errand on the moon

Pretty sure the space bakery is just over that dune.

Peace Monetizer

Peace monetizer regrets his career choice

It was one of those majors in college that just sounded so…money.


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