Best two out of three? Not an option.

An unthinking astronaut is sucked into the void after missing the dartboard.

In space, there’s no such thing as ‘a little game of darts.’

When Life was Grand in Mumu Land

Mumu hunting was a well-attended summer social event

Mumus once covered the hillsides like livid living cotton carpets.
Then the Boohji’s arrived, with their smallish capes and fondness for flocked floral wall paper.

Happy Specter has Something for Everyone

Happy Specter floats around all of us

Flitting from flickery-dim hospital morgues (“Hi there night-shift intern!”) to the unkempt bedrooms of Wyoming children (“Howdy young mortal!”), Specter Sam took great pride in treating everyone like the first, last and only person he would ever try to scare to death.

Late for Lunch, the Path of Least Resistance

Young prince taking the path of least resistance

A shortcut through the Neville chamber should make up for lost time.
So long as the young prince didn’t run into yappy Winston.

Not as bad as it looks

Little Miss Muffet has it coming to her

Why can’t Little Miss Muffets have it coming to them?!
Sure they can! Of course they can!
Especially this one!

If there’s Nothing Shaking Come this here July...

Magnanimous in victory, clueless to what's coming.

It just goes to show you, one minute you’ve got life by the throat, radiating your beatific, gracious-in-victory grin.

The next, you’re wondering how long it’s going to take the giant hole in your chest to close.

Pappardelic Conniption

A man gets very nervous going to a job interview

Ignatio was looking sharp in his crisp white shirt and hard-finished navy suit.
He was just 3 blocks from the interview when his nerves got the better of him.

Darkness Outbreak

The darkness starts small but spreads quickly.

Gather the children! Wrap them in radon-soaked muslin. Quickly now.

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